Materials and Care

Joli Joli Jewellery offers costume/fashion jewellery and therefore it needs a special care to ensure a longer lifespan. Pearls used on our products are wax pearls or freshwater pearls from our freshwater pearl collection which is specified in the product description. Please make sure you acknowledge the nature of our jewellery before purchasing.

Please be aware that over the course of time, discoloration may occur with silver or gold plated jewellery. This is due to general wear and tear and the acidity of your skin. When you are not wearing your jewellery, it should be stored in a box, or wrapped in tissue paper to maintain its polished look and avoid tarnishing. Silver, gold and rose gold plated jewellery

To care for your jewellery please avoid coming into contact with water, perfume, lotions, hairsprays and detergents as this may cause your jewellery to tarnish.

Most of our jewellery is costume jewellery and is therefore not designed to be worn constantly. Please do not sleep or shower with your jewellery. To slow down the tarnishing, we recommend that your jewellery is stored in a container (ideally a lined box or soft pouch) and away from direct sunlight. To keep your jewellery looking its best, polish using a soft cloth or gently buff.